About Friends social education and charitable trust

About Friends social education and charitable trust

Friends social education and charitable trust is a non- profit organization that is founded in the year 2018 to bring the change in the lives of underprivileged kids. Our aim is to bring a positive change in the lives of children through our various programmes and campaigns that we carried out for children in the fields of education, healthcare, and their overall development. Apart from children we also have implementation on the rights of woman and youth of our nation. We help in solving the issues related to girl child, street children, children facing disability problems, learning disorders etc.

We at Friends social education and charitable trust have different projects that are running successfully since the time of its inception in the year 2018.



We at Friends social education and charitable trust runs a project on the education of underprivileged kids and girl child. Under our education programme we provide the kids with all sorts of knowledge and understanding of different domains and convert them into experts of that particular subject. We try to look after the education requirements of children who falls under the poverty line. Based on child's psychology we build and strategise programmes that helps in the overall development of the children who are underprivileged and lives on streets.

We also educate the girl child and helps in the development and empowerment of womanhood. Through education we try to build an equality status among children. We also have special training and development programmes for physically disabled kids who can learn through our programmes and can overshadow the weaknesses of their bodies and getting enabled to achieve success in their lives. At Friends social education and charitable trust the basic knowledge of sanitation is also being imparted. The children are able to learn properly that what all things are required for proper hygiene and through education can restore proper health.

We take care of the training programme of extra curricular activities too of these kids. As for the overall development it is mandatory to have the knowledge of all these things and therefore through the strategies that we build for the children we maintain a proper discipline in which the activities are carried out for the kids. This ensures that the child is getting mental, psychological as well as physical growth in a proper manner.

Our team of research professionals and scholars try to bring out a lot plans that are based on the analysis and case studies of various experiences that the children of these kinds have faced. Through the research we try to bring out the solutions of these children education needs and try to bring out a positive change within themselves. Through doing this the education of the children will act at a major level thus brightening the future of these kids. We have also taken the help of the parents of these poor deserted kids in the development. As family is an important unit through which a child learns and acquires things we try to bring this aspect and with the help of the parents imparts education.

Our Mission

We at Friends social education and charitable trust works on a principle to build prospective strategies for the growth of children , youth and womanhood in order to help them lead a sustainable and healthy life. We are trying to bring this change through our projects and programmes that are created adhering to child, youth and woman.

Our Vision

We have a vision to build a society which is full of equality, honesty, sustainability and serves the nation with harmony for those who are living within the geographical parameters of it.




Help for children's education, and skill development